Grape Juice

Grape Juice is a very healthy drink in summers. Red Grape Juice is another flavorful energy drink that is obviously not new for most of us. But this summer, I con not hold myself to share a my style of Red grape juice with all of you.

Panjiri – A Herbal Health Booster

Panjiri is a known herbal remedy to get energy & to vitalize the health. It is a mixture of many known and useful health related herbs. To give it an acceptance and flavors for all dry nuts and fruits are also added. These extra ingredients give it a taste and more energy as well.

Mango Chutney

Mango Chutney is a must in the beginning season of Mangoes. It is prepared with raw mango / green mango. This sweet and spicy is a flavorful side with traditional South Asian foods.

Corn Dog Recipe | Snacks by Food Segment

Corn dogs are trending snack that is heart favorite of cheese lovers. With the help of very few ingredients you cam make them at any time. It is a comfort food for all times, breakfast, lunch, teatime or dinners.


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