Cucumber is a very beneficial vegetable that is a core item in many kinds of Salads. Cucumber raita is also a very tasty side dish that is popular with all kinds of pulao (pilaf). It can be enjoyed with all kind of meals as well. Try it in our way and Enjoy!

Juicy Chicken Burger with Crispy Fries

Burgers are famous “Street Food” and “Fast Food” that we enjoy at several occasions. It is available in different style but when it comes to chicken burger that are available in petty and shredded style. Both styles are favorite equally.

Cherry Splash

Cherries are tasty option to make many shakes, desserts, smoothies and sauces. We tried it in a way to feel more pleasant in this hot summer. Again, we have 2 options i.e. soda and water to add in it.

Dahi Phulkiyan

Dahi Phulki is a spicy side dish but we make it less spicy but good in taste, light and refreshing. Mostly it is served with few sauces (chutney) but we manage to modify it without extra and over-burdened flavors.


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